Retail Associate

New York, NY

Founded in 2020, UJUU is an eCommerce platform and brand development studio. We endeavor to connect a global audience of underserved and underrepresented consumers to a diverse community and portfolio of carefully curated and vetted emerging designers and brands. We achieve this by offering elegant brand development services and eCommerce solutions across our family of brands.

Our vision is to create a best-in-class and forward-thinking shopping experience for our global community of black and brown across the African diaspora. We're just getting started, but we're already off to a promising start with the launch of our three portfolio brands: souk + Sepia, simisienna and Mango Maison. With each subsequent brand offering, we strive to better serve and meet the unfulfilled needs of our expansive audience. In order to realize this vision, it is imperative that we build a best in the class Office Operations department


Within UJUU the Office Operations Department is a dynamic department that necessarily evolves as UJUU continuously matures and further realizes it’s vision. The UJUU Warehouse Associate is responsible for carrying out the logistics of receiving, processing, storing and sending inventory according to purchase orders and shipping schedules. Their duties include loading orders onto trucks and shipping containers, organizing incoming stock and putting the appropriate labels on outgoing parcels.


  • Collecting merchandise from the distribution center and safely transporting materials to the shipping bay
  • Receiving and documenting merchandise for delivery or return
  • Maintaining an inventory record for all merchandise entering or exiting the warehouse
  • Identifying any missing, lost or damaged materials and immediately notifying the department manager or supervisor
  • Ensuring that all the merchandise is safely and securely packed and labeled for shipping
  • Managing all merchandise with appropriate care
  • Assisting with training of newly employed team members
  • Scanning labels to ensure products are shipped to the right destination

JOB CODE: 1000001